Apostille Single Status Statement

An apostille, or legalization, of a document, is a process that facilitates the recognition of international documents. It is done through the process of notarization and by an official at the Notary Public. However, there is a difference between an apostille issued by a Secretary of State and an apostille issued by the State Home Department.

First, the document must be signed by a notary public. This person can sign any document by signing it with the words “sworn before me.” In the case of a notary in Manhattan, the notary must be registered in the county of New York and has the approval to perform apostilles.

In addition to the Secretary of State Office, the county clerk can provide a form letter stating that you are single. However, you must remember that a form letter is not a legal document issued by the government. The county clerk will also provide you with a blank Single Status Affidavit form. In some cases, a marriage license or other legal document may require an apostille single status statement to be legal.

The fee to apostille a single status statement varies depending on the state in which the document was issued. The fees are not the same everywhere, and you can ask your provider for a cost estimate. If you are doing it yourself, or on behalf of a business, you should include the CVV when submitting the document.

Apostille birth certificate in Massachusetts,

Before submitting the document, you should make sure it meets all of the requirements required by the country you’re planning to use it. An apostille is an internationally recognized authentication service that ensures the validity of a public document in a foreign country. For instance, if your certificate of divorce or annulment was issued in the United States, you’ll need an Apostille before sending it abroad.

The Single Status Statement is an important piece of documentation when applying for a marriage license abroad. It is a sworn statement that states that a person is single and not married. Many foreign governments require this document before granting a marriage license. The Single Status Statement should be submitted along with the other documentation for your impending marriage. If you’ve been married before, you may need to have your divorce decree apostilled as well.

The process of apostille a Single Status Statement can be lengthy. Since the authorities are involved, it can take a couple of weeks or months to complete. In general, the process takes 10-12 days, depending on the state of the certificate. If you need a faster turnaround time, you should contact an apostille service to expedite the process.


Apostille Copy Of Passport

Before you can rely on an apostille for a copy of your passport, you need to make sure it has been notarized. This can only be done by a notary public. A notary’s signature is authenticated through the county clerk. When the document is authenticated, the Notary Public will issue an apostille or certificate of authenticity. The Apostille is a one-page document, which features the copied signature of the Secretary of State.

In addition to passport copies, other documents must also be authenticated by the State Department. These include marriage, death, and birth certificates. If you are unsure whether your document needs to be authenticated, you can contact the state department to determine if it is acceptable.

Notary public

A Notary public is a public official that authenticates the signatures and seals of government documents. It is used to make documents legal for use overseas. A notary public must be certified by the secretary of state or clerk of the court in the state where he or she is commissioned. A certified document must have a signature of an official with a legible signature, the official’s title, and the seal of the agency that issued it.

A notary public is required to authenticate any document before it can be used in a foreign country. For example, a passport must be authenticated by a notary public before it can be used abroad. This document can be in the form of an Apostille or a Certificate.

Massachusetts Secretary of State Apostille

A Massachusetts Apostille is a stamp or signature that authenticates a document. You will need either an original document or a certified copy of it in order to get it authenticated. The US Department of State in Washington DC is responsible for issuing two types of international certificates – the Apostille and the Certification. You can get an apostille for your documents by visiting the Secretary of Commonwealth of Massachusetts office or by mailing them to the Secretary of State office.

Documents that require an apostille

The Massachusetts secretary of state’s apostille service provides authentications for documents that are needed in other countries. The state issues two kinds of authentications: apostilles and certifications. The apostilles are used in countries that are members of the Hague Convention, while the certifications are used by non-Hague Convention countries. To get your documents authenticated in Massachusetts, you can submit a request by mail or in person. You will need to provide an original document and contact information. You will also need to specify the foreign country you are using the document for. The fee for this service is six dollars per authentication.

To qualify for an apostille in Massachusetts, your documents must be issued by the state. For example, a birth certificate issued by a Massachusetts court must be affixed with an apostille, while a death certificate must be notarized by a state department. Moreover, birth and death certificates must be signed by a current state registrar of vital statistics.

Massachusetts Secretary of State Apostille
Apostille birth certificate in Massachusetts, new Hampshire

Documents that can be authenticated

If you are moving to another country and need a document authenticated, you should contact the Secretary of State in Massachusetts for an apostille service. You can send your document to this office by mail or in person. Make sure to provide the original document, your contact information, and the country you will be using it in. You will also have to pay a small fee for the service.

The Apostille process is a simple process that will provide you with authenticated documents. Apostilles are issued by an authority authorized by the government. Generally, these documents are valid for use in countries that are members of the Hague Convention. However, if you are traveling to a country that isn’t a member of the convention, you’ll need to obtain a certified copy.

A public official’s signature is required on birth and death certificates. The requester does not need to be related to the person whose name appears on the document. If you’re unable to appear in person, you can send your document through a drop box. The office will then process your request. Once your documents have been authenticated, you will receive a receipt and a pick-up date. It is important to return by the cited date to pick up your document.

Cost Of Apostille In MA

You can order an Apostille service for a document from the Massachusetts secretary of state. Normally, the fee is $129.95 per document and can be paid with a money order, Fed Ex account number, or by credit card. You can also request expedited counter service. The normal processing time is 10 business days, but you should allow for additional time if you plan on mailing your document. You will receive a prepaid return envelope in the mail, along with the Apostille Certificate. You can also order a certified copy of the document from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts at the same time, but it is not included in the cost of the service.

The Massachusetts Secretary of State issues two types of authentications: apostilles and certifications. Apostilles are accepted by countries that are part of the Hague Convention, while certifications are recognized in non-member countries. You can send your document for apostille service by mail, or you can visit their offices in person. When requesting an apostille, you should submit the original document, as well as your contact information and the foreign country where you plan to use the document. You should also include the cost of the authentication in the document.

Documents that are not authenticated

If you are trying to use a document issued by a foreign country to enter the United States, you need to get it authenticated. The Secretary of State of Massachusetts issues Apostilles, which verifies the signature, capacity, and stamp or seal on a document. Apostilles are valid only for countries that adhere to the Hague Convention of 1961. Apostilles are required for many different types of documents. These include business and legal documents, diplomas, transcripts, letters of marriage and divorce, and job certifications. The Office of the Secretary of State also offers general information about document authentication under the Hague Convention of October 5, 1961, as well as apostille document guidelines.

Apostille For a Cori Form In Massachusetts

Getting an apostille for a Cori form in Massachusetts is an easy process. However, there are several things you should know before you get started. Neighborhood Parcel is located minutes from Boston MA and can help you notarize your Cori Form and have the CORI background check apostilled by the State Of Massachusetts. Please call 978-424-4629 or book online here.

FBI criminal background check apostille

Getting an Apostille FBI criminal background check may seem like a complex task. However, it’s actually not as daunting as you may think. Apostille is a legal document that authenticates signatures on public documents. The most common method of getting a DS-4194 form is by mail. However, if you need it expedited, you can pay for expedited shipping through the United States Postal Service. This will allow you to have your apostille delivered in a matter of days.

Another method of getting an Apostille FBI background check is by using a third-party company. The service is typically cheaper and faster than completing the process yourself. However, some countries require local background checks, and you may find yourself having to do several steps to get what you need.

For example, if you need to send a copy of your FBI background check to Colombia, you’ll have to complete a federal background check. Then, you’ll need to get your document translated into Spanish, and you’ll need to get the translation certified by a linguist.

The best way to do this is to use a company that has a lot of experience with certifying documents. These companies will reduce your costs and keep you from having to travel to a third party for the job. They’ll also make sure that you’ve completed all of the steps required to get your apostille in a timely fashion.

Obtaining a notarized copy of a state apostille for a CORI Form

Obtaining a notarized copy of a state apostille for a federal document in Massachusetts is easy if you follow the right steps. Apostille certificates are issued by the Secretary of State’s office. These certificates authenticate the signature of a Notary and verify the seal of the Notary.

There are several different types of documents that require authentication. These include diplomas, marriage certificates, powers of attorney, and company bylaws. All of these documents must be authenticated by the appropriate federal agency. For example, if you’re sending a marriage certificate to Colombia, you must have the document authenticated by the U.S. Department of State, and then apostilled by the Consulate.

If you’re not sure whether or not your document will need authentication, consult legalization experts. They know what documents must be apostilled in other countries, and they can also tell you what the consulate requirements are. To apply for apostille certification, you must first submit an application form. These forms are available online. You’ll also need to provide a copy of the document you’re applying for. The form includes a space for the name of the country where you plan to use the apostille. You’ll also need to provide contact information and a payment method.

The fee for authentication by the Department of State is $195 per document. You’ll also need to provide prepaid return mail for the Apostille. For faster return, you may want to consider using a UPS/Fed Ex airbill.

Requesting apostille service from the U.S Department of State

Obtaining an Apostille certificate is a requirement for many documents. It can make certain documents legal in other countries. The US Department of State provides apostille services for documents that will be used overseas. However, not all foreign countries require this certificate. It is important to check with the country in question.

Apostille is a certificate that authenticates the origin of a public document. Apostilles are not a grant of authority but are useful in certain cases. Authentication certificates must be issued by a government official in the country in which the document will be used. Apostilles may be issued for birth certificates, marriage certificates, and death certificates.

An Apostille may also be required to obtain a certified copy of articles of incorporation or a diploma. These documents must be signed by an official of the United States or another country. Obtaining an Apostille certificate can take some time, but is a necessary step in some business transactions. If you need to obtain an Apostille, contact the embassy or consulate of the country to which you are sending your document.

You can also request an Apostille service from the US Department of State in person or by mail. You will need a cover letter, a signed apostille request form, a copy of the document, and a check for the appropriate fee.

How to Obtain a Ho To Apostille Death Certificate in Massachusetts

Whether you are trying to obtain a document, such as a birth certificate, or a marriage certificate, you may be interested in finding out more about how to obtain a Ho To Apostille certificate. This certificate is issued by the United States Department of State and is used to authenticate documents for travel abroad. If you are traveling to a country that is not a member of the Hague Convention, you may also need an Authentication certificate.

Payment options

Getting an Apostille on your Massachusetts-certified death certificate will require a little more effort than snatching a copy from the local library. Luckily, the Massachusetts State Department of Health and Human Services offers both Apostille and certified copies for a reasonable fee. If you don’t want to shell out the cash, the DHHS will be more than happy to mail you a copy.

If you are on the prowl for a legal pad worthy of a high-profile law firm, you may want to splurge on a certified copy. Aside from the usual suspects, the DHHS has a number of non-profit partners willing to swoop in to help out. For the most part, a certified copy costs just a few bucks, but you may want to factor in a refundable fee to protect yourself from a rash of claims.

Documents that may require authentication for use abroad

Depending on the country you intend to use the certificate in, authentication may be required. For example, if you have a Massachusetts birth certificate that you plan on using in another country, the document will need to be authenticated. An authentication certificate is a document that is issued by a government official in a foreign country. It consists of a seal, signature, or official stamp that authenticates the capacity of the official and the signature of the signer.

In the United States, Apostille and Certificate of Authentication are administrative processes that are almost identical. However, some countries require authentication for documents that are not a party to the Hague Apostille Convention. The United States will only issue Apostilles for documents that are intended to be used in a country that is a party to the Convention.

How To Apply For Apostille Service

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Authentication certificates are used for destination nations that are not part of the Hague Convention

Authentication certificates are required for documents issued in countries that are not members of The Hague Convention. A certificate of authentication is a piece of paper issued by the US Department of State. The certificate contains the seal of the Secretary of State and is used to verify the authenticity of official seals and signatures on a document.

In order to obtain a certificate of authentication, a document must be authenticated by a competent authority. This can be a department of state, the United States Consulate, or another government official in the destination country. There are many types of documents that may require certification. These include administrative, legal, judicial, and corporate documents. Each type of document has different authentication requirements.

Apostille birth certificate in Massachusetts, new Hampshire

Authentication certificates are issued by the U.S. Department of State

Obtaining a death certificate apostille from the United States can be a very time-consuming process. In order to expedite the process, you should contact a document retrieval service that can retrieve your document from Massachusetts. The Department of State authenticates documents issued by the federal government or state government. A document may be issued by the Secretary of State for a fee of 129.95 per document.

The Department of State authenticates documents for use abroad. Apostilles are certificates issued to public documents, seals, or signatures that are intended to be used in countries that are members of the October 5, 1961, Hague Convention. Apostilles can also be used in countries that are not members of the Hague Convention. These countries can require additional certification from the U.S. Department of State, or require a Certificate of Authenticity from the Department of State.

Where Can I Get an Apostille in Massachusetts?

Getting an apostille in Massachusetts is easy if you know where to look. Most states require you to obtain an apostille before you can affix your foreign country’s seal or signature on your legal documents. Here are some of the places you can get an apostille from. Please call 978-424-4629 or apply online.

Birth certificates

Getting an apostille is an official process that ensures the authenticity of your document. It may be required for documents that you intend to use in other countries. You can request an apostille in Massachusetts by mail or in person. It is important to note that an apostille does not certify the content of your document. It does however certify your ability to sign the document.

There are a variety of reasons why a document may need an Apostille. For example, it may be needed to prove your age or to verify that you are eligible to receive social security benefits. If you are obtaining a passport, a state-certified birth record may be required to prove your identity. You may also be required to provide an Apostille for documents that you intend to use in your job, business, or other legal affairs.

Marriage certificates

Obtaining an Apostille for marriage certificates in Massachusetts can be a daunting task. While it’s possible to do it yourself, you should leave it to the experts. They know exactly what is required by U.S. apostille agencies and foreign consulates. Massachusetts offers a range of apostille services, including notarization, certification, and legalization. Some of the services include divorce decrees, letters of marital status, corporate documents, and job certifications. You can also request an Apostille for birth certificates.

In The Commonwealth of Massachusetts, the service fee is around $129.95 per document signature for normal processing. You can also get a higher rate if you want to expedite the process. However, the process can take 2-14 days.

Driver’s licenses

Obtaining a driver’s license in Massachusetts is a rite of passage for many of us. The standard Massachusetts driver’s license is valid for five years. It is possible to renew your license online, in most cases. Alternatively, you can get a photo-imaging license. If you are interested in getting a more advanced license, you may choose to get a REAL ID. These are marked with a gold star. If you choose to get one of these, you will need to complete a series of questions online.

The Apostille is not required for driver’s licenses in Massachusetts. However, it is required for most western countries and other countries that are members of the Hague Apostille Convention. It is a specialized certificate that is awarded by the Secretary of State. It is a good idea to check with your local driver’s license office if you plan on driving in other countries.

Car titles

Obtaining a car title Apostille is a great way to make sure that you get your money’s worth when selling your vehicle. However, getting the car title Apostille has its own set of legal requirements. Aside from getting a certified copy of your vehicle’s title, you may also have to get an affidavit from the owner of the vehicle. You’ll also have to provide a color copy of your car title.

In addition to getting a car title Apostille, you may have to take the car to a local notary. This is especially true if you are selling the car in a foreign country. However, you might not have to leave the country to get an Apostille if you have already purchased the car. Fortunately, there are companies like us that can make the process easier for you.

Other official documents

Getting an apostille in Massachusetts is not a complicated process. It is a process that can be completed in person or by mail. The process is designed to verify that a document is authentic. The process can be used to thwart the possibility of forgery or bribery.

Documents that are used for official purposes in foreign countries often require an Apostille. The process is designed to help government officials thwart the possibility of bribery, forgery, or counterfeiting. It is also used to prove the authenticity of a signature.

Apostilles are used in countries that are members of the Hague Apostille Convention. The United States is a signatory to the 1961 Hague Convention, which is a streamlined procedure for legalizing documents. Apostilles are used to verify that a document has been signed by a competent person. They are issued by the Office of the Secretary of State and authenticated by the U.S. Department of State in Washington, DC.

How Do I Apostille My Massachusetts Birth Certificate?

Obtaining an apostille for your Massachusetts birth certificate can be done in a few different ways. The first method is by filing a request at the Massachusetts Department of Health. This process will take about two weeks.

Obtaining a copy of a restricted birth certificate

Obtaining a copy of a restricted Massachusetts birth certificate is possible, as long as you meet some requirements. A restricted birth certificate is a certificate that can only be accessed by the person whose name appears on the record. There are several ways to go about getting a restricted certificate. The fastest is by ordering online. This process may take a few weeks, however. Applicants can also mail in their requests. Those who choose this method will pay a fee.

If you do decide to go in person, be prepared to show some proof of identification. This may include a photo ID or a driver’s license. In addition to your proof of identification, you will need to prove that you are eligible to receive the document. This may include obtaining an order from a Probate Court.

The state Registrar of Vital Statistics in Boston MA offers the most official of the restricted certificates. It may also be a good idea to contact your local town clerk for more information.

Obtaining an apostille for a U.S. citizen

Obtaining an apostille for a US citizen on a Massachusetts birth certificate is possible, but it can be difficult. You will need to meet certain requirements. Apostilles are certificates issued by the Secretary of the Commonwealth in Massachusetts. You should call the office ahead of time to make sure that they can accommodate your request.

An apostille certifies the authenticity of the signature on a public document. It also certifies the legitimacy of a document’s seal. An apostille is issued in countries that are members of the 1961 Hague Apostille Convention. Depending on the country in that you are trying to use your apostille in, additional steps may be necessary. If the country is not a member of the Hague Apostille Convention, you may need to get your document certified by the US Department of State in Washington, D.C.

You will need to submit a completed DS-4194 form with your request. You should also include an original signature from an official in the United States. The official must be registered with the Department of State.

Apostille Birth Certificate in Massachusetts
Apostille marriage certificate in MA and NH

Correcting a mistake on a birth, death, or marriage record

Whenever there is a mistake on a birth, death, or marriage record, there are ways to fix the error. The process can vary depending on the state you live in.

The correct way to fix a mistake on a birth, death, or marriage record is to contact the appropriate institution and follow its specific guidelines. These can vary from state to state and may involve court orders. The correct way to fix a birth, death, or marriage record might involve a lot of paperwork and proof. You may be asked for an affidavit from the adoptive parents. It’s also possible to make the change yourself by bringing the original document to the vital record office. However, this is rare.

The right way to correct a mistake on birth, death, marriage, or other vital record is to contact the appropriate institution. This might be the registrar’s office or a probate division. Often, these offices can help you sort out a mess.

Authenticating seals and signatures of officials on public documents

Authenticating seals and signatures of officials on public documents is a procedure undertaken by government officials to ensure that a document is authentic and valid for use in a foreign country. Authenticating documents is a legal procedure that is authorized by Section 66-270 of the United States Code. This process is required for documents that are to be used in a foreign country and is generally used in rare circumstances.

When a document is authenticated, it enables a public document to be recognized in countries that are members of the 1961 Hague Convention on Private International Law. This Convention provides for reciprocal relationships between countries. Countries that are members of the convention may designate one or more authorities to issue Apostilles.

Apostilles are issued for a variety of documents. They are used for notary public certificates, signatures on public documents, and certificates authenticating copies of public records. They are also used in countries that are not members of the convention. To get started on your Birth Certificate apostille service, please call (978)424-4629 or book service here.

The Hague Apostille

The Hague Apostille is an international certification service that helps you get your documents authenticated. It was established in 1961, at a conference in the Netherlands. Participants agreed to simplify the legalization process by creating this international authentication. This service is a great way to get international recognition for your documents.

Authentication of documents

The Apostille Convention was drafted by the Hague Conference on Private International Law. It provides for the authentication of documents. It is a judicial act and is recognized throughout the world. It can be applied to all kinds of documents, including passports, legal documents, and even birth certificates.

Unlike consular legalization, apostille does not provide immunity to the recipient of the document. Consequently, you should not use an apostille certificate to use the document in the United States or in other countries that are not parties to the Hague Legalization Convention. There are several different organizations and authorities that can perform this service. In the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, for example, the Secretary Of State’s office can authenticate a document for use in another country. In Denmark, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade can apostille documents in Danish or Czech. It is also possible to pay a fee if the document is to be used in another country.

An apostille certifies the signature and seal of public officials. It enables the document to be accepted by other countries that are members of the Hague Convention. It costs around $6 per signature.

Cost Of La Hague Apostille

The cost of apostilling a document in Massachusetts is dependent on the country you need it to be valid. Some countries have less stringent standards than others. You can find out the apostille cost for your country here. You can also check out the different countries that offer this service. Basically, the apostille is used to certify a document for use in other countries. This is useful if the document is meant to be used in the United States or in a country that is a signatory to the Hague Legalization Convention. Apostilles are not accepted in non-signatory countries. Often, in Boston MA, you can have your Vital records apostilled for under $129.95 (*) Government fees excluded

When you are moving abroad, you may need to certify the document in the country where you will be moving. The State Department provides advice on apostilling documents in other countries. The Hague Convention sets out the proper procedures for authenticating documents. The Hague apostille is a certification that uses numbered fields to make the data easily understood in the receiving country regardless of the official language.

Boston Apostille Service
Apostille birth certificate in Massachusetts, new Hampshire

Requirements Of Apostille

The Apostille Convention was drafted by the Hague Conference on Private International Law. It outlines the requirements for the attestation of documents. Its purpose is to ensure that foreign documents are legal and authentic. It has several advantages and is especially useful for legal documents such as contracts. The Hague Conference publishes an ABCs of Apostilles brochure with basic information on the Apostille Convention. This brochure is available electronically on the website of the Hague Conference. It was prepared by the Permanent Bureau (Secretariat) of the Hague Conference and has been reproduced with permission.

Although the Hague Convention applies to many countries, most African and Asian countries and Cuba have not yet signed it. To find out if your country is included in this list, click here. The validity of your document is determined by its country of origin and the date it was issued.

Availability In Massachusetts

An apostille is a certificate that certifies a document as valid in a foreign country. Apostilles are issued by the competent authorities of the destination country. However, some documents cannot be legalized by this process. In such cases, a different form of legalization is needed. The Hague apostille is available in many countries, but many African and Asian countries have not yet joined the convention. Cuba is also not part of the list. In addition, a document must be issued in a country that is a member of the Hague Convention in order to be valid.

The Apostille is often needed to facilitate a document’s legalization process. This makes it easier to open a bank account or obtain a license in another country. However, the Apostille does not confer immunity. Therefore, it should not be used on documents that are intended to be used in the United States.

Apostille Service In Boston MA

Neighborhood Parcel provides Mobile Notary, Attestation and Apostille service in Boston MA to several countries and members of Lahague Convention. A Massachusetts Apostille is a document legalization procedure which verifies the seal and signature of the Notary Public Or Government Agent validating the document. We are also known for providing certified translation services in a standardized and cost-effective manner. American Expats living overseas can easily get their documents apostilled through us. Our Apostille service in Boston MA are timely and error-free as we have over a decade of experience in this industry.

Apostille service in Boston MA

Searching for Embassy Apostille service in the Boston MA area? State Department Attestation, Visa Stamping, Legalization or Document Translation services in Massachusetts? Neighborhood Parcel company is trusted source for providing these services for more than a decade. For further assistance, contact our dedicated customer care team who is ready to serve you at (978)851-0199.

Apostille Service In Boston MA

We Provide Apostille Service In Massachusetts

Apostille stamp is a round shaped engraved sticker stamp, pasted on the front side of the document by the Secretary Of State, or the U.S Department Of State. This is a unique computer generated stamp having a unique identification number, through which any member country of The Hague convention can check its authenticity online. Under normal circumstances, once the document is apostilled, it does not require to be attested further.

Apostille My Marriage Certificate

I was looking to apostille my marriage certificate for a travel application overseas, it was hard to find a reliable apostille service in the Boston MA area. Luckily my cousin has used Neighborhood Parcel before for similar service and I was glad he recommended them. I called 978-851-0199 and spoke to the staff who was very friendly and walked me through the entire process. I thought the apostille will cost me an arm and leg but I was pleasantly surprised that it was under 100 dollars!

Marriage Apostille Service

If you plan on submitting your marriage certificate overseas, chances are you will need an apostille service to legalize the document so it will be accepted overseas. The destination country must be part of the La Hague Convention. If you were born in Massachusetts then you should hire Massachusettsapostilleservices.com t help you with this process. Otherwise, you can visit hiremobilenotary.com and request that they apostille your marriage certificate using their service agents in the 50 states.

Apostille Of International Marriage Certificates

If you were married overseas and not in America, you can still apostille your marriage certificate through a Notary Public. You must call 978-851-0199 or book an appointment online AND bring your original marriage certificate. A notary public will be able to complete the apostille for you with 1 to 15 business days depending on the service plan you select.

If you are busy and cannot visit the office in Boston MA, you can always mail your documents to our office via FedEx or UPS, we can complete the process remotely and mail you the documents back upon completion. This process is proven to be fast, reliable, and cost-effective for residents outside New England.

Ahmad Ben Moussi | Cambridge MA

I am happy to recommend your apostille service to my friends and family. I mailed you my marriage certificate and got it delivered to me in Aruba in 5 days! That is simply impressive. Thank you so much for your help and speedy service.