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An apostille, or legalization, of a document, is a process that facilitates the recognition of international documents. It is done through the process of notarization and by an official at the Notary Public. However, there is a difference between an apostille issued by a Secretary of State and an apostille issued by the State Home Department.

First, the document must be signed by a notary public. This person can sign any document by signing it with the words “sworn before me.” In the case of a notary in Manhattan, the notary must be registered in the county of New York and has the approval to perform apostilles.

In addition to the Secretary of State Office, the county clerk can provide a form letter stating that you are single. However, you must remember that a form letter is not a legal document issued by the government. The county clerk will also provide you with a blank Single Status Affidavit form. In some cases, a marriage license or other legal document may require an apostille single status statement to be legal.

The fee to apostille a single status statement varies depending on the state in which the document was issued. The fees are not the same everywhere, and you can ask your provider for a cost estimate. If you are doing it yourself, or on behalf of a business, you should include the CVV when submitting the document.

Apostille Single Status Affidavit Massachusetts Apostille Service

How To Apostille Single Status Affidavit

Before submitting the document, you should make sure it meets all of the requirements required by the country you’re planning to use it. An apostille is an internationally recognized authentication service that ensures the validity of a public document in a foreign country. For instance, if your certificate of divorce or annulment was issued in the United States, you’ll need an Apostille before sending it abroad.

The Single Status Statement is an important piece of documentation when applying for a marriage license abroad. It is a sworn statement that states that a person is single and not married. Many foreign governments require this document before granting a marriage license. The Single Status Statement should be submitted along with the other documentation for your impending marriage. If you’ve been married before, you may need to have your divorce decree apostilled as well.

The process of apostille a Single Status Statement can be lengthy. Since the authorities are involved, it can take a couple of weeks or months to complete. In general, the process takes 10-12 days, depending on the state of the certificate. If you need a faster turnaround time, you should contact an apostille service to expedite the process.

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