In-Office Notary Service

When it comes to notary service, the choice is clear: Neighborhood Parcel has knowledgeable staff, friendly service, and great rates. The service is by appointment only and you need to book ahead of time. We will try to accommodate you as much as possible. You simply call our office and find out when the Notary Agent is available to witness your signature, administer your oath or certify your copies. Our office number is (978) 851-0199.

All About Convenience

In-office Notary service is a very convenient way to get your documents notarized at our office in Tewksbury MA. You simply book your Notary service and follow these steps for successful completion of the notary service:

  • Book Your Appointment Online.
  • Receive our confirmation.
  • Have Your Valid ID ready.
  • Review your documents and consult with your attorney as needed.
  • Show up on time for service.
  • Sign the document in presence of our agent. Never sign before your appointment.
  • We do not provide witnesses.

Our Office Location