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Meet Kelly, one of the experienced apostille service agents at Massachusetts Apostille Services. With a deep understanding of Boston MA geography and familiarity with Massachusetts laws, she is the go-to person for all your document legalization needs in the state.

Our Mobile Signing Agents are often asked to perform signings in health care facilities such as hospitals and nursing homes. Because patients can be very ill, heavily medicated or otherwise impaired, notarizing their documents requires extra time, patience and compassion. Often, patients who need to sign documents have issues with alertness, positive identification, signing ability and other challenges you won’t find covered in the Notary handbook. In this setting, clients are at their most vulnerable. They may be lying down, draped in a gown and thin blanket, and not physically or mentally at their finest. In this situation, they may need significant documents notarized, such as powers of attorney, other legal and financial records.

How To Prepare For Hospital Notary

Conducting Notary service on the bedside at the customer’s hospital or nursing home is a convenient way to complete legal and financial documents without inconveniencing your loved ones into traveling to a Notary Public Office. But in order to complete the service, the person making the reservations needs to take notice of these notary requirements:

  • Healthcare Notary Service Booking Must Be Confirmed and Paid in full.
  • Documents Need to in Arabic, English or French, prepared by an attorney and legible. We cannot give you legal advice. Please consult with your attorney prior to booking service.
  • The signer needs to be cognizant and aware of what they are signing.
  • The signer must have a valid photo id.
  • The customer must sign the document in front of our agent.

Hospital Notary Service in Lowell, Dracut, Billerica, Chelmsford, Tewksbury, Andover, Wilmington, Woburn, Gardner MA, Lawrence, Methuen, Haverhill, Fitchburg MA

Our Mobile Notary Services provides a wide range of professional notary public services for employees, patients and their family members in Massachusetts hospitals and Nursing Homes. There are many situations that may require the services of a mobile notary public, such as the validation of important documents before they can be used legally or verifying the identity of persons acting on behalf of a patient. Our services are fast and reliable 7-days a week and after hours. We do not waste time when addressing our client’s needs because we know urgency is usually a critical factor when a person is in Andover, Billerica, Burlington, Dracut, Fitchburg, Gardner, Lowell, Lawrence, Methuen, Tewksbury, Wilmington, or Woburn hospital in Massachusetts.

Documents Can We Notarize In Massachusetts Hospitals?

We have decades of experience in notarizing, authenticating, and serving as a witness for the following documents:

  • Notarization of power of attorney documents
  • Quitclaim deeds, property transfer and estate sales
  • Last will and testament notarization
  • Health care proxies
  • Notarization of letters for social security administration and pensions
  • Sworn statements and affidavits
  • Notarization of documents for workers compensation
  • Notarization of documents for disability
  • And more

If you need to speak to a notary about specialized in serving patients and their families in hospitals? Call Our Mobile Notary Service today! We will be happy to answer your questions and provide quick, courteous mobile notary service. Call (978) 851-0199 now!

*NOTE: Notary fees are established pursuant to Massachusetts law and a reasonable travel fee as agreed upon between the parties prior to the appointment. Travel fee adjusted for distance and service time.

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