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Before you can rely on an apostille for a copy of your passport, you need to make sure it has been notarized. This can only be done by a notary public. A notary’s signature is authenticated through the county clerk. When the document is authenticated, the Notary Public will issue an apostille or certificate of authenticity. The Apostille is a one-page document, which features the copied signature of the Secretary of State.

In addition to passport copies, other documents must also be authenticated by the State Department. These include marriage, death, and birth certificates. If you are unsure whether your document needs to be authenticated, you can contact the state department to determine if it is acceptable.

Notary public

A Notary public is a public official that authenticates the signatures and seals of government documents. It is used to make documents legal for use overseas. A notary public must be certified by the secretary of state or clerk of the court in the state where he or she is commissioned. A certified document must have a signature of an official with a legible signature, the official’s title, and the seal of the agency that issued it.

A notary public is required to authenticate any document before it can be used in a foreign country. For example, a passport must be authenticated by a notary public before it can be used abroad. This document can be in the form of an Apostille or a Certificate.

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